Megashore / Alu - TITAN Centering

A meccano-type support system offering a multitude of solutions

TITAN aluminium centerings

The most appropriate applications for this systems are:

  • Alu-TITAN prop as an isolated element
  • Support tower formed by aluminium props and racks
  • Formwork table
  • Perimeter formwork table

For heavy loads of up to 100 kN and heights from 0.80 m to more than 20 m. There are proven static calculations available and this system is covered by the State Works Inspectorate General Authorization issued by the German Institute of Construction.

The Alu-TITAN centering system facilitates works carried out at heights as, through the use of PP scaffolding boards and side protection rails, the centering is transformed into a scaffold that allows for the creation of work surfaces at different heights.

The limited capacity of cranes in narrow work sites, the lack of space for pre-assembly, the stripping of formwork from beneath a concreted slab without the use of a crane and the horizontal manual transportation to the edge of the slab all require the use of lightweight and easily manageable elements, such as those produced in high strength aluminium. A reduction in the number of parts, as well as the ability for such parts to be handled by a single operator, increases the productivity of all slab formwork systems.

The preassembly of the TITAN towers or tables can be carried out without the use of a crane. Furthermore, they can be transferred by hand to the edge of the slab, where they can be hoisted by the crane's fork-lift. The racks' firm, precise and tight connections to the props avoid the appearance of deformations in the slab formwork during the transfer of the tables. This favours a longer service life of the phenolic boards on the formwork tables.

A look at the advantages

  • High margin of adjustment of the screw jacks at the head and the foot = 2 x 1.20 = 2.40 m
  • Wide range of options for combining the top of the props (unaccompanied, with additional spindle or with an extension)
  • The screw jack, exterior tube profile and the extension section facilitate the connection of additional componentes (such as reduction sleeves, swivel brackets, racks, etc.,. that enable the alignment of the props, installation of horizontal and diagonal bracing)
  • The TITAN 160H and TITAN 225 primary beams allow for the optimum use of the Alu-TITAN props superior load capacity.
  • Their light weight makes them easy to handle by hand
  • High-strength aluminium alloy, insensitive to thermal deformation, recyclable
  • The system can be loosened under full load